How To Write a Thesis in Five Days

however the thesis in five days a video counted not in parts but in days decent step prep one get a roommate pieces prep step to get roommate invested in your success thesis prep step three make sure roommate knows you very well preferably of the sentence finishing variety preferably you already have a lovesong variety preferably your stuffed animals are starting to fall in love variety final thesis preparation step acquire some books from your library or whatever from your bookshelf and scatter them around you make it look like you’re doing work maybe even read them who knows but get some books let’s get down to business day one intervention Emma your thesis is due in five days get off youtube you need to start reading it now fine The Roommate has now become an integral part of your thesis approach you must like them enough to not want to disappoint them but you should probably also be a little bit scared of them day one is also when you present your roommate with a list of small reasonable goals here’s my list of small realistic goals then your roommate can hold you accountable also Institute rewards things that you really value for me it was stars more stars and food the first chunk of writing that I did intensively was rewarded with half of a fruit cart that was very satisfying and quite a good motivator if you really like stars or other sort of artsy things it’s really great to recruit an art major as your roommate told you I did some thinking day two it’s time to write like the dickens I don’t really know what the Dickens is but it’s time to write like them hmm write everything just keep going keep typing any thoughts all thoughts any little inkling of a thought put it down getting distracted on the computer going on the internet turn off the internet Julia did you change the internet password guess I got to keep writing my thesis day three continue writing also start drinking something caffeinated in my case this thesis was fueled almost entirely by tea yes perfect nice and lukewarm start investing in those caffeinated drinks and start drinking them on day three and this should be a no-brainer you gotta just keep writing just keep on writing keep writing those words and those gold stars will keep accumulating just keep on truckin Dave for the days passed and I continued to accumulate gold stars this is key keep accumulating keep feeling good about yourself day five things continue to get a little crazy but then miraculously it was over all thanks to a little preparation and a lot of motivation last week on Facebook my status said how’s your thesis going Emma I started a blog this week my facebook status can say how’s that vlog Aoyama well I wrote a thesis and so for lack of a better ending the end I’ll see some of you in real life I’m gonna plan a canal at an aha it’s a the back and forward to be finished job okay mr. bean is a finisher yeah that’s it I wrote a thesis yeah

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